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The AVENT 240ml Cups X 10 are a set of high-quality, durable cups designed for babies and toddlers.

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Product: Avent 240ml Cups x 10

The Avent 240ml Cups x 10 are high-quality feeding cups designed to make feeding time safe and convenient for infants and toddlers. With a capacity of 240ml, these cups are ideal for transitioning babies from bottles to cups. The cups are made from BPA-free, durable materials and feature a spill-proof design, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

* Do not use these cups with hot liquids or liquids above the recommended temperature range.
* Not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher. Handwashing is recommended.
* These cups are intended for use by children aged 6 months and older.
* Do not use with infants younger than 6 months.

> Do not use these cups if they are cracked, damaged, or have loose parts. Discard and replace with a new cup.
> Do not use with carbonated beverages or drinks with pulp, as they may cause leakage or blockage in the cup’s spout.

1. Before first use, wash the cup and all its components with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
2. Assemble the cup by attaching the spout securely to the lid.
3. Fill the cup with the desired liquid, ensuring it does not exceed the maximum fill line.
3. Align the spout with the cup’s opening and press firmly to secure it.
4. To drink, tilt the cup slightly and let the liquid flow through the spout.

> Always supervise infants and toddlers while using this cup to prevent choking hazards.
> Do not allow children to walk or run while using the cup, as it may cause injury.
> Do not use the cup as a teether or toy. It is intended solely for drinking purposes.
> Check the cup’s condition regularly and replace it if there are signs of wear and tear.

> To prevent spillage, ensure the cup's lid is properly closed before handing it to your child.
> Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or scrubbers, as they may damage the cup's surface.
> Do not leave the cup in direct sunlight or near a heat source for an extended period.

Brand: Avent
Avent is a trusted brand known for its high-quality baby products. They prioritize safety, convenience, and functionality in their designs, providing parents with peace of mind.

* Brand: Avent
* Model: 240ml Cups x 10
* Capacity: 240ml (8 oz)
* Material: BPA-free plastic
* Spill-proof design
* Suitable for children aged 6 months and older

The Avent 240ml Cups x 10 are suitable for various purposes, including:
1. Transitioning from bottles: These cups are ideal for helping infants and toddlers transition from bottle-feeding to independent drinking.
2. Travel and on-the-go use: The spill-proof design makes these cups convenient for use during travel or outdoor activities.
3. Daily use: Use these cups for regular mealtime or snack time, allowing your child to develop their self-feeding skills.
4. Hydration: Ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the day by using these cups to offer water or other suitable beverages.

Note: Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and consult healthcare professionals for specific guidance on feeding and weaning practices.