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AVENT SCF 693/13 NAT F/BOTLE 260ML/9oz


The AVENT SCF 693/13 NAT FEEDING BOTTLE 260ML/9oz is a high-quality baby bottle designed to provide a natural feeding experience for infants.

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Product Description:
The Avent SCF 693/13 Nat Feeding Bottle 260ml/9oz is a high-quality feeding bottle designed to provide a safe and convenient feeding experience for infants. With a generous capacity of 260ml or 9oz, this bottle is perfect for both formula feeding and breast milk storage. It features a natural, ergonomic shape that mimics the breast for a comfortable feeding experience for your baby.

> This bottle is intended for infants and should not be used for older children or adults.
> Avoid using this bottle with hot liquids as it may cause burns or scalds.
> Do not use this bottle in a microwave oven.

This bottle is not suitable for carbonated beverages or thick liquids.
It is not recommended to use this bottle if your baby has a cleft palate or other feeding difficulties. Consult your healthcare professional for alternative options.

> Before first use, sterilize the bottle and its components (nipple, collar, and cap) in boiling water or a sterilizer.
> Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the bottle and its contents.
> Pour the desired amount of formula or breast milk into the bottle.
> Attach the nipple securely to the bottle using the collar.
> Test the temperature of the liquid by placing a few drops on your wrist before feeding your baby.
> Clean the bottle thoroughly after each use by washing it with warm, soapy water and rinsing it well.

* Always supervise your baby while feeding to prevent choking.
* Check the nipple for signs of wear and tear before each use. Discard if damaged.
* Do not leave the bottle with your baby for extended periods as it may result in tooth decay.
* Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes that may scratch the bottle.

> To avoid leaks, ensure the collar and cap are tightly secured.
> Do not use the bottle if the liquid inside has changed color, smells unusual, or shows signs of contamination.
> Do not prop the bottle to feed your baby, as it may cause choking or ear infections.

The Avent SCF 693/13 Nat Feeding Bottle is a trusted product from the renowned brand Avent, known for producing high-quality and safe baby care products.

Model: SCF 693/13
Capacity: 260ml/9oz
Material: BPA-free plastic
Nipple Type: Natural shape
Compatibility: Can be used with other Avent bottles and accessories

The Avent SCF 693/13 Nat Feeding Bottle 260ml/9oz is designed for everyday feeding of infants. It can be used to feed formula or store breast milk. It provides a comfortable and natural feeding experience for your baby while ensuring their safety and well-being.