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Professional hair thinning scissors of the highest quality and calibre, highly sharp and expensive. What you see is what you get in all of our photographs of scissors. Material: 440C is a highly regarded material for high-end hair scissors because it perfectly balances high hardness and high resilience. Very sharp and with exceptional edge sharpness retention are 440C hair scissors. The tougher the scissors, but not always the better. The toughness of scissors decreases as their hardness increases. The scissors’ blade is very tiny. The cutting edge readily breaks if the toughness is low. Application: It may be used at home or at a barbershop, hair salon, or studio. All types of soft human and animal hair may be cut, and it is suitable for cutting hair both wet and dry.Features include highly sharp, long-lasting 440C convex blades. Professional 28 V teeth shears with a 25%–30% thinning rate Honed edge line and slide are proportionately sized, and the cutting balance is excellent. Japanese ergonomic handles are designed to lessen strain after prolonged use. The forging process gives the scissors blade body greater strength than laser-cutting scissors blade bodies.
Lifetime: Used regularly at home for many years and for more than a year at hair salons (Use correctly,hair scissors can not be used to cut anything except human hair and animal soft hair,and they must be wiped clean after using the scissors).

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