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Shapes and buffs natural nails, four ways cushioned buffer for a complete manicure, includes fine emery board and three buffers for smoothing, polishing and shining. Shaping: Use fine grey emery to shape nails. Smoothing: Use green buffer to gently smooth away ridges and stains. Use sparingly, do not over-buff nails as this can weaken nails the bed. Buffing: For fine, gentle polishing use pink buff to smooth and buff nails to a satin finish. Finishing: Use super fine Mauve Buff to polish nails to a natural gloss shine. Unlike a popsicle, which may drip ice into your nail when held. This fingernail files for nails, while being built in the shape of a bigger popsicle stick, can remove chemicals or stains from your nails to make them seem shinny. Fingernail file 100/180 grit, is double sided, enables you to file your nails with a gentle touch without harming the nail. Buffer for nails with a circular top and double sides, sandpaper on the surface for different angle. Nail buffer for natural nails made of high-quality materials acrylic nail files and buffers consisting of high-quality tape and emery board material are ideal for cutting and shaping your nails to the desired shape. Pedicure nail buffer for acrylic nails products are simple to clean with water and may be reused multiple times; in 100 grit, file and rough up the hard fingernail buffer and toe nails with 180 grit smoother out your nail edge. These professional buffer block nail file and mini nail buffer files can be used on fingernails, as toenail sander for thick nails, natural or acrylic nail supplies, fake nails files, these nail files for acrylic nails have a wide range of applications as well. These product can also be used as Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for family and friends.

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