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Cuticle Nipper

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Cuticle Trimmers’ hand-filed, high-performance blades are extremely sharp and provide a consistent, crisp cut of the nail cuticles without pulling or dragging. Before cutting, press cuticles with the extra cuticle pushers.
Cuticle clippers have a beautiful, non-slip Titanium coating for a firm and comfortable grip. Additionally, it is ergonomically created to fit in your hands and provide a secure grip. Even in extremely small & thin places, you may securely maneuver this tool to clip cuticles.
Cuticle removal tool is composed of high-grade, tempered stainless steel to maintain sharpness for a very long time, so it won’t go dull. Every time you use it, the cut will be precise!
RUST RESISTANT: Superior stainless steel construction and shielding Titanium coating offer improved rust resistance.

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