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Baby Hip Carrier

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Budget Pharmacy presents to you a Baby Hip Carrier. In fact, one might argue that this item is the most fashionable kid carrier available. You guessed it—you can lay your baby on your hip—using the Baby Hip Carrier. You’re not a hipster or anything, just saying. With the broad, stable platform of this strong hip seat, you can relieve some of the weight of your infant from your arms and support it partially on your hips. While carrying your infant, a belt that is adjustable and has strong buckles around it protects you and your child secure and offers much greater support. You won’t have to be seen carrying your child in a full-body carrier that encloses you and causes you to suffer from heat stroke at the same time.The waist belt has a waist circumference width of 28 inches to 44 inches so it’ll accommodate most sized humans, while the wide platform design is skin-friendly and comfortable, keeping your baby’s legs comfortable at all times. It also has a very convenient pocket that will hold some of your things, so in reality it doubles as a fanny-pack!

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