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Product Description:
The Brass Padlock Large 63mm is a durable and reliable security device designed to protect your belongings. Crafted from high-quality brass, this padlock offers strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. With a size of 63mm, it provides ample space for securing various items, such as gates, sheds, lockers, and storage units.

This padlock is intended for indoor and outdoor use but should be protected from extreme weather conditions to prevent damage.
Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidents or misuse.

The Brass Padlock Large 63mm is not recommended for securing items that require high-security levels. It is more suitable for basic security applications.

1. Choose an appropriate location to secure the padlock.
2. Insert the key and turn it clockwise to unlock.
3. Open the shackle by pulling it up.
4. Place the shackle around the item you wish to secure.
5. Push the shackle down and close it firmly.
6. Turn the key counterclockwise to lock the padlock securely.

* Avoid excessive force or rough handling, as it may damage the padlock.
* Do not attempt to force the padlock open without the key, as it may cause irreparable damage.
* Keep the key in a safe place to prevent unauthorized access or loss.

Material: Brass
Size: 63mm
Durable construction

The Brass Padlock Large 63mm is manufactured by a trusted brand known for producing high-quality security products. (Insert specific brand name if applicable)

Before use, ensure the shackle and locking mechanism are free from debris or dirt that may affect the operation of the padlock.
Regularly inspect the padlock for signs of wear or damage. If any issues are detected, discontinue use and replace the padlock.
Lubricate the locking mechanism occasionally with a graphite-based lubricant to maintain smooth operation.

The Brass Padlock Large 63mm is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
1. Securing gates, fences, and doors
2. Locking storage units, sheds, and cabinets
3. Protecting lockers and toolboxes
4. Enhancing general security measures

Please note that the provided information is general and may vary depending on the specific brand and model of the padlock. It is recommended to refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions and specifications.