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CAREFREE Regular Tampons provide reliable protection when you need it most. The unique curved groove design directs fluid efficiently inside the tampon so that you feel better protected. Plus, the Anti-Fluff technology gives you a smooth surface so that you don’t have to stress about fluff. A drop absorbency rating of 3 means they can absorb approximately 11g during a medium flow.

How to Use

1.Wash and dry your hands with soap and water.
2.Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Many girls prefer to sit over the toilet.
3.Remove the tampon from the wrapper.
4.Hold the tampon at the string end making sure the string is pointing away from your body.
5.Gently slide the tampon in as far as it will go using your index finger. Slant it towards your lower back rather than directly upwards.
6.Wash your hands.

1.Wash and dry your hands with soap and water.
2.Remove the used tampon by feeling around for the string and gently pulling on it.
3.Dispose of the used tampon by rolling it in paper and disposing of it in the bin. Never flush a tampon down the toilet.
4.Wash your hands.

You should change your tampon 3-6 times a day depending on your own individual needs. Also, a tampon should not be left in for more than 8 hours.

Use only one tampon at a time and we recommend to use the lowest absorbency tampon to suit your level of flow and for your own comfort.


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