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Product Description:
Introducing the Bausch & Lomb Renu Senst Duo, the ultimate solution for your contact lens care. This value pack includes two 355ml bottles of Renu Senst solution, specially formulated to provide gentle and effective cleaning, disinfection, and hydration for your lenses. With its advanced technology and trusted brand, Renu Senst Duo ensures that your contact lenses stay comfortable and crystal clear, giving you a fresh and confident vision every day.

> For external use only.
> Not for use with heat disinfection.
> Do not use if the tamper-evident seal is broken or missing.
> Keep out of reach of children.
> Avoid direct contact with eyes. If solution comes into contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a healthcare professional.

> Do not use this solution if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
> Do not use with soft lenses that are labeled as “no rub” or “disinfect only” unless directed by your eye care professional.

Directions for Use:
> Wash your hands with soap and water before handling your lenses.
> Remove one lens and place it in the palm of your hand.
> Apply a few drops of Renu Senst solution to each side of the lens.
> Gently rub the lens with your index finger for about 20 seconds to ensure proper cleaning.
> Rinse the lens thoroughly with Renu Senst solution to remove any debris or residue.
> Place the lens in the appropriate compartment of your lens case and fill it with fresh Renu Senst solution.
> Repeat the process for the other lens.
> Close the lens case tightly and let the lenses soak for at least 4 hours or overnight.
> Before wearing the lenses, rinse them again with Renu Senst solution to ensure they are clean and comfortable.

* Do not use homemade saline solutions or other eye drops with Renu Senst Duo.
* Do not use the solution if it has passed its expiration date.
* If you experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, or redness, remove your lenses and consult an eye care professional.
* Avoid using Renu Senst Duo if you have an eye infection or any eye disease, or if you are experiencing eye discomfort.

> Store the solution at room temperature and avoid exposure to excessive heat or direct sunlight.
> Do not transfer the solution into smaller containers to avoid contamination.
> Replace the lens case regularly to maintain proper hygiene.
> Use Renu Senst Duo as directed by your eye care professional.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

Usage: Contact lens cleaning, disinfection, and hydration.

Quantity: 2 bottles of 355ml each
Solution Type: Multi-purpose
Ingredients: (Please refer to the product packaging for a detailed list of ingredients)
For detailed ingredient information and any additional instructions, please refer to the product packaging or consult your eye care professional.


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