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Thunder-M Plus Dietary Supplement for Men is a male supplement tablet that helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety, all of which increase the risk of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) . It also improves circulation, stimulation, stamina, desire and male fertility .

Active Ingredients and their Benefits:
Withania Somnifera – Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
Tongakat Ali – Reduces aging effect on male reproductive organ.
Gingko biloba – Increased blood circulation to reproductive organ
Ginseng Panax – Enhances libido and copulatory performance
Epimedium grandiflorum – Enhanced sexual arrousal
Avena Sativa – Increase testosterone level
Lepidium, chlorophytum, borivilianum – Spermatogenic

Direction for Use:
-Should be taken Orally.

Recommended Usage:
-Take 1 Tablet, ingest with warm water and on an empty stomach

-It is advised the Gingko Bilioba should not be taken for 6 months and longer and it should not be used with warfarin and other thrombolytic agents. Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.

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