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Play-Doh crazy hairstyles Hairdresser

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Budget Pharmacy presents to you a Play-Doh crazy hairstyles Hairdresser. To generate multicolored designs, keep adding Play-Doh modeling paste to the Fuzzy Pumper mechanism in this toy hair style kit. Play-Doh hair continues to grow.
Use the Play-Doh scissors to cut the client’s hair or the pretend razor to completely remove it. then add to it Play-Doh hair, then begin again
CONTAINS 5 TRICOLOR CANS OF PLAY-DOH. Three different colors per can equals a wide range of hues! These hairstyles Each can of the Play-Doh playset contains 2 ounces of the non-toxic Play-Doh substance. CURL, CRIMP, BRAID, AND STYLE IT UP: Children may use the crimping tool, braid roller, curlers, and ties for their hair to play pretend hair stylist and become wildly creative.


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